Arm yourself.
Break a leg.

Arm yourself.
Break a leg.

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MyArtistree Features
Build Your Career Network

Add a credit to your resume, share a few more details and together we`ll start building your network.

Start following others

Keep track of your favorite artists. Get the inside scoop on where their next gig might be. Just click on the “Follow” button next to an artist, show, companie, etc. and view updates on your dashboard.

Share your knowledge, join a conversation

Have a question about a show or wanted survey others on the site? Check out the current discussions and add your two cents.

MATback Points

MatBack Points are publicly displayed virtual rewards you receive from by contributing to various sections of the site. The more details you add (e.g.adding cast members, photos and videos, contributing to discussion rooms, etc.), the more points you earn. These points will be redeemable at a later date.

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